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Jeri Coe

They told us all they wanted was a sound that could kill someone from a distance

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Name:Jeri Coe
Young Miss Jeri Coe was born in the heart of a military research facility. The military had told her creators that they wanted a sound that could kill someone from a distance. Her birth resulted in the deaths of everybody in the facility. Soon after, she escaped into the general populace.

Jeri doesn't mean to do what she does. She doesn't have a choice, really. The experiment summoned, and embodied, a Banshee of legend. Some things just shouldn't be done.

Until her arrival in the Nexus, Jeri had to pretend she was a mute. In the normal world, the sound of her voice is enough to kill a person when she's in her human form. In her other form, just her touch will do it. In truth, she's a decent enough human being... or she would be if she were human. It's a shame she was constructed to kill.

((Jeri is a fictional character based upon the song and music video Experiment IV by Kate Bush. Images of Jeri are from the music video. I am not Jeri, nor am I Kate Bush. This character is created for nonprofit Roleplaying uses only. No infringement of copyright is intended. I recommend that you get your hands on this song (and the video) if you can because it's totally worth hearing and seeing.))</td></tr></table>
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